Asphalt Plant Accessories & Tools

Maxam AccuLevel™ Tank Level System
Universal Digital Temperature (UDT) Controller
AutoLube™ Chain Saver
Tungsten Carbide Coated Thermocouple
Chain Tool
Plant Intercom System
Red Alert™ Temperature Gun
LazerTag™ Trunnion Alignment System
MaxamAlert™ Auto-Dialer
Ticket Tube System
Raptor® Tire Grinder
Red Eye Infrared Thermocouple

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Maxam AccuLevel™ Tank Level System

  • Accurate Tank Level System with No Moving Parts
  • Pressure Type Sensor, More Reliable than Radar
  • Easy Installation and Set Up
  • Alarm/Interlock for Automatic Unload Pump Shutoff
  • Digital Display in Inches, Feet (or tons on vertical tanks)
  • High Intensity Readout - Clearly Visible in Sunlight
  • Weatherproof Display Mounts at Tank or Unload Pump Station
  • Includes 100' of Signal Cable

Universal Digital Temperature (UDT) Controller

  • Single or Dual Set Points for Control and Alarm
  • Dual Display Shows Set Point and Process Temperature
  • Digital Accuracy
  • Thermocouple with 6ft Cable
  • Easy One Button Set Point Adjustment
  • No Mechanical Parts to Adjust or Rail
  • No Flimsy Capillary to Break
  • No Mercury
  • Outdoor, NEMA 4 Protection
  • High Impact, UV Resistant Lightweight Enclosure to Protect Electronic Components


Auto Lube Chain SaveAutoLube™ Chain Saver

The AutoLube™ Chain Saver is designed specifically for the rugged environment of an asphalt plant. Fully automatic control ensures that chains and sprockets are always properly lubricated. And, since lubrication can be controlled precisely, there is no mess created by excess runoff.


ThermocoupleTungsten Carbide Coated Thermocouple

Coated with the most wear-resistant metal available, this tough tool is designed specifically to measure the temperature of abrasive materials like aggregate or hot-mix asphalt.


Chain ToolChain Tool

With 50,000 lbs. of thrust, this rugged tool makes short work of installing — or removing — even the most stubborn chain pins, and accommodates a broad range of chain sizes.


IntercomPlant Intercom System

Industrial-quality intercom features convenient fingertip talk/listen switch or hands-free operation and powerful ability to cut through ambient noise. Supports unlimited units. Ideal for plant environment.


Red Alert GunRed Alert™ Temperature Gun

Lightweight infrared thermometer with LCD readout lets you instantly check mix temperature in the truck or on the road — or find electrical or ductwork hot spots — from up to 20' away. Includes laser aiming for accurate measurements.


LazerTag™ Trunnion Alignment System

Now you can use the pinpoint precision of the laser to achieve — and maintain — more accurate trunnion alignment and avoid the costly wear and tear of improper alignment.


MaxamAlert™ Auto-Dialer

It's almost like having a night watchman on duty! This automatic voice dialer will call up to eight phone numbers with prerecorded messages whenever there's an A/C heater problem or electrical power failure — up to 4 upset conditions.


Ticket ExpressTicket Tube System

Save time — and steps — with this
powerful, pneumatic carrier.
Covers distances of up to 1,000
feet and is virtually maintenance free.


Raptor GrinderRaptor® Tire Grinder

Easy-to-use grinder lets you "resurface" drum or dryer tires during operation, avoiding maintenance downtime or, even worse, tire replacement due to irregular wear patterns.


Red Eye Infrared Thermocouple

  • 22:1 Optical ratio for mounting 5-8 feet from target
  • Enclosure with 120V power supply and temperature display
  • Any thermocouple or 4-20ma output available
  • Air purge regulator/filter assembly
  • Fully adjustable mounting system
  • Accuracy +/- 1% of reading