About Us

We solve problems – plain and simple. Sometimes it’s a matter of running down an obscure part to keep a 30-year old plant running. Other times it’s trouble-shooting a conveyor to eliminate vibration. In some cases, it’s a recurring issue, and we invent a new product to solve the problem for the entire industry.

Over the years, we’ve developed an array of patented products that deliver a new level of performance and reliability. While other equipment manufacturers are saddled with old technology, we’ve been in the forefront of developing new solutions from the beginning. In fact, our roots are in the repair and retrofit of asphalt equipment, and that has given us a tremendous advantage in developing new products. We’ve torn apart, rebuilt and retrofitted every manufacturer’s equipment and it’s given us key insights into where opportunities for improvement can be found.

We get many of our product improvement ideas from people like you – the asphalt plant operator facing a challenge. “I need a more durable auger. I have a problem with steam explosions. I’m having trouble running recycle. My conveyor is vibrating too much!”

So whether you need a replacement sprocket for an ancient conveyor, a custom designed cold feed system, or a brand new plant custom engineered to meet your unique needs, call MAXAM Equipment at 800-292-6070.

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asphalt equipmentMeet Coney

Coney is our helpful spokesperson that loves to deliver the latest and greatest news about new MAXAM products and services. He is here to help introduce new products and keep you informed.

Don’t let that smile fool you, he means business! MAXAM delivers high quality parts, service and patented products that help your plants run smoothly and efficiently.