We’ve run over 1,000,000 tons since we put the system in. We’re saving 5% on fuel. We’re adding 40% RAP in everything. The system has exceeded our expectations in every way. We are overjoyed with the purchase. The plant was designed for 275 TPH and we’re running 300-310 all the time which we were not able to do before.



John Montecalvo,
Montecalvo Enterprises, Inc.

I like how the MAXAMizer Heat Recovery System keeps the heat in the mix so I’m not heating the sky and wasting fuel. It keeps my baghouse a lot cleaner too – no more dust cake on the walls.




Craig Parker,
Silver Star Construction


We save a ton of money on fuel with the MAXAMizer Heat Recovery System. The savings really add up, and in today’s tough economy, it helps us compete and stay profitable.



Terry Helton,
Leavenworth Asphalt Materials



After trying warm mix on a local project, I was extremely pleased with the results and have since encouraged all of my customers to use warm mix on all asphalt projects. It is easier to work with and safer for our workers who are standing on the back of the pavers. Even the mix looks better than hot mix.

Warm mix has also improved the way our company does business. By using Maxam’s AQUABlack® system, we are able to roll the mat much quicker which means we finish at the end of the day sooner.

I recommend Maxam’s AQUABlack® system to any asphalt plant wanting to venture into warm mix. Our customers have been very satisfied with the end result and I have been very satisfied with the workability of it.


Kurt Fowler, General Superintendent

Larry Young Paving, Inc.