Drum Assemblies

Frac Sand Dryer Drum

Dryer Efficiency

Your dryer’s efficiency – both in terms of fuel consumption and production capacity – depends on the combination of combustion, air flow and heat transfer. MAXAM addresses all three of these critical areas to enable you to dry more aggregate, more evenly and at a lower cost.


The drum is the heart of your asphalt plant and the key to controlling costs and maximizing productivity. Whether you are building new or retrofitting an existing plant, be sure to consider the many benefits MAXAM delivers with its patented solutions.

    • Increase productivity
    • Improve mix quality
    • Reduce waste
    • Reduce emissions
    • Reduce maintenance
    • Run higher RAP percentage

Counter Flow Conversions

MAXAM can help you convert an existing parallel flow drum to high efficiency counter flow technology so you can reduce fuel use, expand production output, have more flexibility with mix requirements and eliminate blue smoke.



Flexibility Combined with Productivity

MAXAM’s Raptor® Mixing Drum Batch Plant Conversion gives the best of both worlds at a fraction of what a new plant would cost. It gives you the flexibility and control of a batch plant with the higher production capacity of a drum plant.

Increase Production

State-of-the-art flighting ensures optimum fuel combustion, maximum heat output and thorough heat transfer, which adds up to better mix quality, significant fuel savings and increased production.




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