SOLO™ Counter Flow Drum Mixer

Just One Drum. (No Double, Triple, Dual or Duo)
But So Many Reasons To Choose It!

Why “heat the sky?”
Patented SOLO™ technology lowers exhaust stack temperatures to less than 250°F, cutting your per-ton fuel costs dramatically — as much as 7% – 10% per ton! That means lower emissions per ton, too, which can make a big difference in meeting air quality requirements.

Production is the priority.
With higher drying efficiency and lower air requirements, the MAXAM SOLO™ can let you produce more mix … up to 20% more if you previously ran a 350° stack!

Flexibility gives you control.
The ability to use more RAP may be a competitive advantage on some jobs. Because SOLO’s unique Raptor® recycle system heats the RAP material directly, you can use up to 50% RAP without superheating and without blue smoke.

Cut wear and tear to cut costs.
Patented TrooTrac™ self-aligning trunnions save maintenance cost and increase wear life maximizer heat saver. Patented Heat Recovery System lowers stack temperatures, which means less stress on flights and drum shell and can reduce bag costs 50% – 65%.

Going Green is Good Business
When used with the AQUABlack® WMA System, the MAXAM SOLO™  is an environmentally friendly solution. The AQUABlack® System easily retrofits onto any manufacturer’s asphalt plant, and it can be installed on yours in just two days. The entire system makes your company more neighborhood friendly by reducing fumes and pollutants. It also makes you a more responsible/credible member of the business community.

Download The SOLO Flyer Below.