Econo Flo™ Fuel Oil Preheater


asphalt pavingGet the most efficient fuel burn possible with the MAXAM Econo Flo™ fuel oil pre-heater. Precise control of fuel temperature delivers the correct viscosity for optimum atomization and a complete burn.


  • 10 times more efficient than conventional systems
  • Precise control, unaffected by upstream or downstream conditions
  • No slow-acting actuating values to cause temperature fluctuations
  • Functions effectively even with heating oil temperatures as low as 250° F


  • Positive displacement variable speed pump
  • PID controller
  • Patented flat plate heat exchanger
  • Compact design – small footprint
  • Excess fuel is redirected back to heat exchanger,
    not to the tank, reducing heating cost


Download The Econo Flo Flyer Below.