MAXAMizer Heat Saver System

Imagine the possibilities if you didn’t have to worry about stack temperatures. No worries about condensation or mudding the baghouse. No worries about overheating and ruining bags. You could flight the drum to create a heavy veil and focus all your fuel on simply hitting target temperature for the type of asphalt you want to produce. You could save 5% to 10% on fuel every day.

The MAXAMizer Heat Saver System makes all this a reality. Special high-efficiency flighting reduces drum exhaust temperature below 200º. A small modulating heater, dedicated solely to maintaining baghouse temperature, increases the baghouse inlet temperature to the preferred minimum (typically 225º). An automatic PLC controller maintains the requested baghouse temperature +/-5º. Even though there is a second burner, overall fuel consumption is reduced 5-10% because baghouse stack temperature is maintained far lower – no more heating the sky. Savings are greatest when running high percentage RAP because stack temperature is maintained as much as 150º less than the typical drum plant.

By maintaining stack temperatures below 275°, operators can also save money by using polyester bags instead of more expensive Aramid bags. Whether you are running virgin, RAP, hot mix or warm mix, the MAXAMizer® can save you money.

MAXAMizerMAXAMizer® Advantages:

  • Save 5% to 10% on fuel
  • Reduce bag costs by using polyester
  • Control stack temperatures more precisely
  • Eliminate mudding and acid rain
  • Control asphalt temperature more precisely
  • For WMA, HMA, RAP or virgin
  • Stop heating the sky


MAXAMizer® Heat Saver System

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Download The MAXAMizer® Heat Saver System Flyer Below.