Perma Stor Silo System

Features of the Perma Stor™ Silo System:

Transporter™ Bintop Conveying System

  • Rides on rails
  • Fewer moving parts
  • More reliable than conveyors
  • Less frequent maintenance intervals
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs

Oxi-Free™ Oxygen Purge Inerting System

  • Dry steam pushes oxygen out of silo
  • Efficient electric steam generator
  • Fully automatic remote control
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe inerting without harmful gases
  • Improved quality of stored mix

Aqua Seal™ Air Tight Bin Gate

  • True seal without grease or oil
  • Eco-friendly
  • Total block of air infiltration
  • Single Gate Design
  • Twin Dual Action Air Cylinders
  • Water Fill Valve and Level Indicator
  • Remote Drain to Grade
  • Electric Heat with Thermostatic Control

Troo Loc™ Air Tight Bin Gate

  • Provides air tight seal
  • Double density silicone seals
  • Self locking for positive closure
  • Twin dual acting oylinders
  • No grease or hydraulics
  • Prevents heat loss from top of silo








Download The Perma Stor Flyer Below.