Recycle Systems


Our unique RAPTOR® RAP Bin includes rugged skid mounted or portable frame for easy transportation. The inclined feeder eliminates potential for plugging. Differentially sloped wall prevent bridging. Improve the performance of your recycle system by adding a RAPTOR® RAP Bin to your asphalt plant.

asphalt paving

asphalt paving

RAP Breaker
The RAPTOR® RAP Breaker pulverized millings and previously crushed material. Eliminates lumps and chunks. Shatters football size pieces. Advanced roll design eliminates rebuilding or replacing teeth. Available in standard or heavy duty design.

rap breakere

  • Dual high speed rollers are easily adjusted to size milled or pre-crushed RAP
  • Self relieving rolls eliminates plugging or costly equipment failures by allowing oversized objects to pass between the rolls
  • Manganese cutting teeth on double extra heavy wall rollers withstands tremendous work load



Flo-Blaster™ Raptor Recycle System

Flo-Blaster™ technology eliminates plugging and bridging when conveying RAP or RAS. Numerous air cannons, strategically positioned on all sides of the bin, maintain a consistent flow of material. Each cannon fires in rapid succession breaking up any slugs, plugs or bridging to ensure a consistent flow.

  • Prevents plugging, bridging and inconsistent flow of RAP and RAS
  • Numerous air cannons positioned strategically on all sides of the bin
  • Fires shotgun blasts of high pressure air in rapid succession
  • Fires automatically when “no-flow” switch is activated
  • Can be retrofitted on any bin and is standard on all Maxam Raptor® recycle bins





Download The Flo-Blaster Flyer Below.